The time has come for you all to try out the best soccer board game ever.

Download UND1C1 Print & Play demo!



Team White, Team Black, Team Red, Team Gold. Each team comes with 18 players, in a double jersey (home and away)


1 white deck, 1 black deck, each consisting of 50 strategy cards and 1 explanatory card for special abilities


this is the only file that will remain available for download from our website for good*

As for the other components (dice, ball, padlocks and captain rings) you’ll need to come up with an alternative to the physical ones – we trust that won’t be hard.


The rulebook is also available for download. Please note you might find some mistakes/imperfections here and there in the document. That is because we are still working to put together the final version of the rules (we’ll notify you, once that’s ready). In case you wanted to print the rulebook too, please take note of its measures: 25 x 15 cm.

(*) TEAMS and CARDS Print & Play files will be available for download from our website for a limited time only. Make sure to download them right away!
Please note: the files may require some time to download, as they are HD and optimised for printing.

Printing instructions

Based on our experience, we advise to print the pitch on a PVC support. Otherwise, heavy paper (i.e.: 300g) would do

Printable Components