the game

be the coach.
choose the strategy.
bring your team to victory!







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in the box.

  • 1 neoprene playmat
  • 2 strategy card decks (51 cards each)
  • 4 teams (White, Black, Red, Gold)
  • 22 chip holders (11 black, 11 white)
  • 2 padlocks (1 black, 1 white)
  • 2 captain rings (1 red, 1 blue)
  • 2 dice (1 black, 1 white)
  • 1 ball

The Pitch.
A smart chessboard
for your soccer battles.

Roll it up, Coach!

UND1C1 pitch is realised in sublimated neoprene, for a unique, poker- inspired haptic feel. This material also provides for great portability: roll your pitch up, pack it and lay it down in seconds.

Get ready to play anytime, anywhere!

The Chips.
An army of players
at your fingertips.

In UND1C1, each player is represented by a round chip. Each chip displays a player name and kit number, as well as preferred position and special abilities.

In the core box, you'll find four teams: Team White, Team Black, Team Red, Team Gold. Which side will you take?

collect 'em all!

Power up and expand your playing realms.

Get to coach the team of your heart: each team is unique, with its own playing style and a number of superstars!

Check out UND1C1 e-shop now and choose your favorite club and national teams!

The Cards.
A powerful weapon
for every coach.

game changer.

Strategy cards are an extremely powerful weapon and ally to all Coaches. If used wisely, they can change the course of a whole game. They'll make your attacks more effective, inhibit your opponent’s strategy, boost your team’s skills... and much more!

Booster decks include 20 additional strategy cards and 6 unique playbook cards.

Each deck includes 51 cards, but you can expand your collection with UND1C1 Booster decks. Check the UND1C1 e-shop now!


Dice, ball, padlocks & chip holders.​

Perfecting your
match-day deck

Once you get to know and master these cards cards, you'll want to select them personally, to adapt your match-day to your personal taste and style of play - as well as to your players skills.

The quest to the optimal match-day deck might be long and intricate: mix, experiment, perfect. The options are infinite!

your unique
coaching style

Expand your range of choice: choose your extra strategy cards. There's a whole world of cards waiting for you out there!

beautifully powerful.

UND1C1 has been designed to be a

long-lasting product, featuring premium components and top-notch materials.

We firmly believe that a game that plays beautifully, should look beautiful too.

We truly hope you like it, Coach!

The UND1C1 cards & box feature unique illustrations by Marco Paradiso. Check out his artworks

Official Kit by Kappa.
Choose your number and join us on the pitch.


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