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This box contains everything you need to enjoy this wonderful soccer board game! Available in English, Italian, German, Spanish and French. Beautiful design + top notch, durable components = lifetime enjoyment!


Choose one or more add-ons to enhance your gaming experience. Club teams, national teams, Superhero players and cards. Everything you need to bring your UND1C1 experience to the next level! Add-on cards are available in English, Italian, German, Spanish and French.


Willing to set up your own UND1C1 tournament? Then you’ll most likely need some spare components, allowing you and your friends to play multiple matches at the same time. Extra pitch, extra card decks, dice, balls, padlocks, captain rings… get ready for the perfect gaming night!


HYPES are digital collectibles released in partnership with our friends at Each UND1C1 HYPE gives you access to different perks.

With almost 3,000 copies sold during its crowdfunding campaign, UND1C1 is the most funded soccer game ever on If you missed the Kickstarter, don’t panic, we’ve got you covered: the game and add-ons are available for direct sale here. Have a look around and grab whatever you’d like. 

Designed in Italy, printed in China